What is Pinnakel?

Pinnakel provides a safe and secure platform for organisations to engage professionals from anywhere in the world in a fast, simple and efficient manner. Pinnakel covers professional services from a wide range of fields including management consulting, project management, procurement, training and technical consulting.

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How Does Pinnakel Work?

  • Professionals register their profiles for free detailing their qualifications, skills, experience, availability and rates.
  • Clients set up a profile and can post a project for free detailing the required skills and deliverables.
  • Professionals can browse the available projects and get notified of new projects posted that meet their defined skills.
  • Clients get notified when they have received bids from Professionals and can chat directly with shortlisted candidates prior to selection.
  • The client accepts the selected bid and commences the project.
  • The Professional completes the work and submits the deliverable via Pinnakel. Payments are managed through the Pinnakel Deliveable Payment system.

Pinnakel contains in built tools to enhance collaboration and simplify the management of the workflow.

Global Reach

Pinnakel provides easy access to a global pool of candidates and clients to maximise the likelihood of finding the right match.


Pinnakel provides a better way of managing deliverables and payments that is secure, easily managable and protects all parties.


What type of Projects are suitable?

Pinnakel is mainly focussed on professionals in the fields of procurement, management consulting, project management, training and technical consulting. Any type of project or work can be sourced through Pinnakel, especially work that requires specific skills or experience and is on a fixed price or hourly rate basis.

Who should register as professionals?

Pinnakel is for professionals with specialised skills that are looking for contract engagements and project work. Pinnakel is not designed not for full time employment.


Benefits of Pinnakel?

For Clients
  • Access to a global pool of skilled and trusted professionals.
  • Post projects and received bids for free.
  • Live chat with candidates to interview prior to engagement.
  • Refund provided if the work is not satisfactorily delivered.
For Professionals
  • Access to global clients and projects reducing the time and effort to find work.
  • Set up a profile and bid for projects free.
  • Guaranteed payment provided that the work is satisfactorily completed.

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